Having surgery can occupy your thoughts in the days and weeks leading up to the event. To prepare yourself for surgery and recovery, it’s wise to ask your doctor for more information about the procedure and what to expect.

If you’re seeking an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Halbrecht at Pacific Crest Orthopedics specializes in arthroscopic and open shoulder surgeries and can address all your orthopedic surgical questions.

Types of Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery generally falls into two categories: arthroscopic and open. Each has its pros and cons, as well as different recovery times and outcomes. The type of surgery Dr. Halbrecht recommends will depend on the severity of your shoulder injury and the part of the shoulder affected.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Minor damage to the shoulder joint can often be repaired arthroscopically using small incisions and tiny tools. This minimally invasive approach may be used for conditions like minor labral tears or severe shoulder dislocations.

Open Surgery

Extensive damage to the shoulder joint or injuries affecting multiple structures may require open surgery. This approach is used for procedures such as shoulder replacements and in cases of severe rotator cuff tears.

Questions to Ask Before Surgery

  • Will my surgery be arthroscopic or open?
  • How long will I be hospitalized or unable to drive?
  • Can I expect to regain full range of motion in my shoulder?
  • Will I need assistance with daily tasks during recovery?
  • When can I return to regular activities or sports?
  • Will I require prescription pain relief after surgery?
  • Will I need a shoulder brace for immobilization?
  • What specific physical therapy exercises will be part of my rehabilitation?
  • What is the success rate for this type of surgery?
  • Are there any risks or side effects I should know about?

Asking these questions can help you prepare for surgery and recovery, ensuring you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your shoulder health. To inquire about Dr. Halbrecht performing your procedure, contact Pacific Crest Orthopedics at 415-233-7996 or book an appointment online.